2008 QLD Training Camp


A message from your local association’s committee.

You have probably heard some whispers around the Dojo lately about our very first local training camp to be held here on the coast on the 22nd and 23rd November this year. This is a great training opportunity to really extend yourself and grow heaps over the weekend as well as making some awesome friendships with your fellow club members.

The Camp will be held at Maranatha Recreation Camp out near Wappa Falls, Yandina.

As an extra bonus, the staff at Maranatha have offered us an exclusive opportunity to go out and try out the facilities on Sat the 2nd August in a free day of activities so that they can take some pics for their promotional material. Make sure you fill out the form in the Dojo if you would like to take part. And they’re even going to provide a free BBQ lunch.

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