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Clear Your Calendar! Soke Sensei is Coming To The Sunshine Coast


Soke Sensei

Soke Sensei is the world-wide Supreme Instructor of Chito-Ryu Karate-do and he will be visiting our Maroochydore dojo 6-8 December as a special guest instructor. This is a great opportunity for all members to train with the best in the world in our style of Karate.

Even if you normally only train one day a week, you are more than welcome to come and join as many classes as you can during this period (appropriate to your level and age). This is an opportunity not to be missed. Students from Pacific Paradise dojo are also highly encouraged to attend training at Maroochydore dojo if possible.

This is FREE to all members, as it is funded from by our local association from part of your membership fees.

You Want More Time With Soke Sensei?
Soke Sensei will also be visiting Gold Coast Karate.
Friday 4th Dec. Evening classes open to all ages and levels.
Saturday 5th Dec. Morning clinic for brown & black belts.

Soke Sensei at Sunshine Coast Karate
Handouts have been distributed via all student mailboxes and a copy added to dojo noticeboard.

Soke Sensei at Gold Coast Karate
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