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Brown & Black Belt Training on the Gold Coast



GC B & B 2
Message From Adam Higgins Sensei (3rd Dan, Shidoin, Gold Coast Karate)
“It was great to be part of the Brown & Black belt training today on the Gold Coast. Thank you everyone for coming and to Shihan Martin Phillips for taking the session.

I really felt that this session demonstrated the growing maturity of Chito-Ryu in Queensland and points to a very strong future. The standard of all brown & black belts continues to noticeably improve .

The most pleasing part of the seminar for me was that it was really built around improving our technique in more depth than I felt we have covered before. In previous seminars due to the relative inexperience of our Brown belts I have felt the seminar have been more about teaching the new kata/bunkai etc. This time it was great to feel that everyone knew their stuff and were now looking to refine it.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity to train with all our Queensland Brown & Black belts (& maybe some from down south as well) at the QLD Chito-Ryu Karate Camp.”

GC B & B

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