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What Would You Give To Train With The Master?


If you could have a full day of training with the world’s most exceptional martial artist and instructor, would you be there?  What would you give.  For me I gave up nearly a year of my life, travelled to Japan (many years ago) and trained full-time.  But you don’t have to do that!

What if you could do it for FREE in your home dojo.  And what if you could have another 4 nights to train with him, and the opportunity to ask any questions you wanted with the help of a translator to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation between Japanese and English.

Well…. if you’re a member of Sunshine Coast Karate, that’s exactly what you get, starting next Friday (12th March), Soke Sensei will be here on the Sunshine Coast.  And black belts (and 1st kyus) get an additional bonus of a full day of training.  This is an opportunity not to miss.

And for those who are super keen, you can get even more with a day trip to the Gold Coast for another full day.  I know I’ll be doing this, plus a trip to Sydney as well in order to get in as much karate training as I can to help push me to greater heights and to in turn share this with members. After all Soke Sensei is my teacher, and I don’t get the opportunity to train with him as much as I would like, so I take every chance I can get.

Details of Soke Sensei’s 2010 Australian tour are available on the ICKFA website.  Full details will be available soon at the dojo, we just need to finalise some of the specifics.

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