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In House Tournament Results – 3rd March


The final events of the in-house tournament are now complete and it was great to see such a good improvement in the standard of competition in these divisions.  I think we’re going to have some really tough divisions at the upcoming Sunshine Coast tournament next month.

Here are the results:

Kumite 8-10 Yrs

  1. Dylan Woods
  2. William Baarslag
  3. Miguel Hardy

Kumite Boys 12-13 Yrs

  1. Bailey Keefe
  2. Anthony Williams
  3. Charlie Robinson

Advanced Kata (4th Kyu & Above)

  1. Bailey Keefe
  2. Renae Saunders
  3. Klaudia Caston

And here are a few photos of some of the students who placed at last weeks in-house tournament events (Friday, 24th February).

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