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Grading schedule – Sat 25th February


The grading schedule is now set for this weekend’s grading (Sat, 25th February 2017).  With regular Saturday morning classes this year, gradings have moved to the afternoons.  If you are grading, please check the time for your group and aim to be at the dojo approximately 10-15 minutes prior to allow time for a warm up.

Group 1: 1:30pm
Little Champions & White-Yellow belt (white – 12 kyu)

Group 2: 2:15pm
Orange belt (11-10 kyu)

Group 3: 2:45pm
Green-Blue belt (9-6 kyu)

Group 4: 3:30pm
Purple-Brown belt (5-1 kyu)

Students who are green belt and above should bring their kumite protective equipment equipment:  Gloves, mouthguard, shin/instep, groin guard.

Good luck to everyone who is stepping up for gradings.

A full list of members who are grading will be posted on the dojo noticeboard.

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