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Women’s Self Defence Tips – Lesson # 3


Self Defence Tip 3: Keep Alert!

Another mistake that many women make is not staying alert. In this day and age of ipods and ear buds, it is quite easy to lose track of what is happening around you even in some of the worst possible situations out there. A simple walk to the corner store with your ears covered could cause you to miss the rustle in the bushes or the car pulling up along side you.

This limited warning of someone approaching is prime time. This is the time that you need to make a decision about flight or fight, something we will talk about in a minute. Keeping your senses keen and aware of your surroundings is a very important aspect.

Another example of a potential problem here includes staying on the phone, lost in conversation. You may not be able to notice what is happening around you which could end up being deadly for you.

The above tip has been reproduced and adapted for this website with permission from the publisher of the original e-book “Self Defense Tips For Women”

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