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Training Holiday

Week 3: Training at the Sohonbu. Kumamoto, JAPAN

Time has gone super fast this week with 9 classes, some great fun social outings and plenty of practice and study. Classes have been a perfect balance for me.  There has been opportunities to take it a little bit easier so I can concentrate on key learning areas.  There has been opportunities to push myself with speed training and there…

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Week 2: Training at the Sohonbu. Kumamoto, JAPAN

Another very full week of training and activities here in Kumamoto.  The weather has been warm, humid and at times taken my breathe away during training.   Yet, I’m loving every bit of it.  It’s perfect for me.  I’m especially appreciating the upstairs accommodation at the dojo.  It’s quick to get to classes,  I can drop into the dojo for…

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Week 1: Training at the Sohonbu. Kumamoto, JAPAN

Finally, I find myself sitting down to connect with family, friends and students. Apologise to everyone for not connecting sooner. I hope everyone has been well. Week one has flown by, yet each day has been full and overflowing of inspiration, great company and study. I wouldn’t say that I have been crazy busy and leading a hectic lifestyle, but…

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National Holiday: Respect for the Aged Day (Keiro no hi)

Today is a holiday in Kumamoto so there are no scheduled classes.  The third Monday of September (national holiday) is “Respect for the Aged Day (keiro no hi) – Respect for the elderly and longevity are celebrated on this national holiday.” In many ways I’m grateful for the holiday today as I have so many things running through my head.  I’ve…

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