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Website Updates

Old blog content now here

For some time time now, we been meaning to move all of the old content from an old blog to this members website, but didn’t know an easy way to do it, but it’s finally all here now. Unfortunately we lost a little bit of the content in the move, but it’s mostly all here on this website now…. somewhere.

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Sunshine Coast Karate Website Updates

Hi Everyone, Thank you for visiting the Sunshine Coast Karate Website.  We greatly appreciate your feedback as to how we can further improve this site for you, your family and friends. Below are the recent updates to the Sunshine Coast Karate Website: Update #1:  Calendar Of Events Page – Additional events have been added to February.  Kids Night Out, Teens…

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Sunshine Coast Karate Dojo Tour With Sami

For those that know our little family at Sunshine Coast Karate, Sami is our 4 year old daughter and has been busy helping us make some changes to this website.  Sami feels that as she is starting big school this year it is important that she gets to contribute to our website. I’m not sure if this is a good…

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Term 3 Calendar Updates

The dojo calendar of events has now been updated on the website for the upcoming term.  And if you thought term 2 was big, then you’ll be very excted by what’s on offer during term 3. Here are just a few of the highlights: Kid’s night out Laser skirmish Gold Coast Tournament Weekend Tournament Squad Training School Holiday Day Camps…

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Kick Start >> Introductory Short Courses

We are pleased to announce two new short courses idesigned to introduce the absolute beginner to the benefits of studying traditional Karate in the Chito-Ryu system at Sunshine Coast Karate.  We have one for kids 5-13 years of age and one for teens and adults 14 years and above.

These short courses are due to start towards the end of August and are expected to fill up very quickly once the word gets out about them.  So if you have any friends that you have been thinking about bringing along to the dojo to get started, this could be a great way to do just.

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